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When the term 'mid shift' is used there are two possible definitions:

A middle of the day shift.
Often used along side terms like 'early shift', 'back shift' & 'night shift'.

The middle time of a scheduled work shift.
E.G. 2PM is mid shift for a 11 AM - 5PM shift.

Definition 1: Shift that's in the middle of the day

A shift that starts around lunch and ends in the late evening.

Mid shift is often used along side terms such as 'early shift', 'back shift' & 'night shift'. It's often also sometimes referred to as a swing shift.

Common mid shift hours

Generally 'mid shifts' are roughly 11:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M, this can vary between work place.

Here are some mid shift example hours:

Here's some example 'mid shift' job postings on the job board indeed:

mid shift example 1 mid shift example 2

Both these examples have a shift pattern that span roughly, 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM.

mid shift example 3

This example is a bit rare, it starts and finishes much earlier than the others, 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM.

Definition 2: Middle of your shift

The term "mid shift" can also refer to the middle time of a scheduled work shift.

The term applies to shift schedules where one full work shift spans an extended period of time, usually 8+ hours.

A mid shift time would occur roughly halfway through that full shift period, indicating the middle portion of the shift.

Middle of shift examples

If a full factory shift runs from 7am - 3pm, the mid shift time would likely refer to the hours around 12 pm.

Another example could be an overnight hospital shift from 11pm - 7am. The mid shift hours would fall around 3-4am in the early morning.

Workers refer to mid shift time as it is a distinct point during a long shift - a transition from the first half to the second half.

Things like lunch and rest breaks or responsibility rotations may align with or change at mid shift.

Mid-shift glossary infographic

Mid shift calculator

Use our calculator to find the mid shift time for your shift pattern.


Mid Shift:


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