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Publish rotas

Publish rotas to your employees online with one click.

Keep your team in the know with automatic notifications when a new rota is published.

Track hours

Track your employees hours with the built in time tracking.

Run reports to see how many hours your employees have worked in any time period.

On your phone

Access your rotas on the go. RotaPlanner works on any device.

No need to print out rotas, employees can view their shifts on their phone or laptop.

How it works

Add some shifts that you would like to fill. There are some basic details such as start and end times and options for when the shift recurs. If you add a shift with no recurring days selected then the shift will show up as a one off on the start date.

add shift

You can select the people you would like to assign to the shift right there and then also.

Assign employee to shift

Your shifts will now appear for the selected days, you can edit and make adjustments to the shift if required. You may add as many shifts on the same day as required.

Publish shifts

When you're ready to share the rota schedule hit the publish button on the top right. You will get a confirmation screen of shifts that will be published.

Use the share link to share the rota with your team. The link stays the same for the location and lets the team scroll through the weeks, only published shifts are shown on the shared rota calendar.

You can add further locations and employees from the People and Location pages on the left hand menu.

Why use a Rota planner?

Tracking your rotas manually via a spreadsheet or similar can get very messy quickly. The risk of human error is high and it's a pain to share rota updates.

Using RotaPlanner to manage your rotas allows for automatic validation checks to be performed and provides an easy to share planned shifts and export data.


Accessibility and Flexibility

You and your team can access the schedule from any device with an internet connection, whether it's a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You can check your schedule on the go, no more being tied to the office computer!

Plus, managers can quickly respond to changes and employee requests in real-time, making the whole process smoother and more adaptable.

Productivity beast

Unleash Your Productivity Beast

A rota planner is your secret weapon to easily create, adjust and publish shifts with our slick app. Employees can access their schedules from anywhere, anytime, through email and web app.

Real-time updates keep everyone informed, promoting teamwork and making shift-swaps easier.

The software's analytics help optimize scheduling, ensuring the right number of skilled employees for each shift, avoiding overstaffing or understaffing.

Stay ahead

Real-time Updates and Collaboration

Real-time updates and collaboration are a game-changer when using our cloud-based Rota planner.

Whenever the change is, it's instantly updated across the system. No more waiting for the next update or relying on outdated spreadsheets.

Everyone is working with the most current information and managers can swiftly handle unexpected changes, such as shift swaps or sick leave, without any delays.


Analytics and Insights

Our rota planner provide's valuable analytics and insights into workforce management. By tracking employee attendance, shift patterns, and historical data, managers can identify trends, optimize staffing levels, and make informed decisions to improve scheduling efficiency.

Our software may offer reports and visualizations that help assess labor costs, compliance with labor laws, and productivity, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions and better allocate resources.

2,000+ people use our software to manage their rotas

Nurses, hotels, construction, retailers, security personnel, logistics - over 500 businesses manage their shifts with us.
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Our origin story...

Is it really free?

Yes, if you sign up now - it is 100% free.

To be fully transparent with our intentions...

We do plan to start charging new customers in the future but existing accounts will be grandfathered on the free plan forever.

It's currently free because we want to build out the features rapidly and recieve more customer feedback.

Our servers are shared between our other products helping us save money on hosting costs. We're not at risk of running out of money and we're in it for the long term.

FKieran Portrait Kieran - Founder
Rota planner at a trade show

Why make another Rota System?

We received a lot of requests from our Absentia customers that were looking for better solutions to tracking team rotas. They said the existing solutions didn't quite hit the mark.

So we decided to build our vision of what a great rota planner should look like. With the goal of easily managing and also sharing your rotas online.

Designed to be simple but effective, our rota software is fully hosted so there is nothing for you to manage. It's also completely free!

It's still a new tool so feel free to give us feedback so we can work to improve it!

Product updates

29 August 2023 Added sections to help organise your shift by roles or areas at your location.
26 August 2023 Added support for overnight shifts. Previously shifts could only span a single day.
24 August 2023 Email notifications released for staff when a rota is published.
21 August 2023

PDF export with full colour coding added!

19 August 2023

Daily and monthly views added on top of existing weekly view.

25 July 2023 Functionality added for tracking hours worked per person, in any selected time span.
14 July 2023 Lot's of usability improvements made. App was also updated to optimise for mobile use.
22 June 2023 New website built to showcase the tool.
6 June 2023 Implemented publishing rotas with a sharable link. Send the link to your employees for them to view published rotas any time.
18 May 2023 Complete re-write of the application released. More modern and will serve as the foundation for adding more features.
24 July 2021 Implemented varying weekly rotas
23 May 2021 New brand 👌 Hope you like the yellow!
1 May 2021 New website! Moved the website to it's own dedicated website here at
24 March 2021 No more save buttons! Once you assign an employee to a shift it's automatically saved.

Simple, modern way to do shift management

Improve your team's visibility of their shifts by enabling employees to view their shifts online.

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