Google's new FREE meeting scheduling tool is great

We at were looking for a way to schedule meetings with our potential clients.

We wanted to connect more with our customers and understand what they were looking for from their Rota tool.

Testing tools

We started off trying out the common tools on the market like Doodle and SavvyCal.

After trying out SavvyCal I felt like we got baited into signing up for a free trial and then we were hit with a $12 per month fee.

Trying out Doodle afterwards and felt like we were about to hit the same wall - a inticive looking free trial and then a big pay wall.

It's not that we were against paying but all we needed was a link to book a meetting with. Do we really need to pay $12 a month for that?

Finding Google's scheduling tool

While looking around the Google meet functionality wondering if we could use that for scheduling meetings I spotted an option to create an 'Appointment Schedule'.

Turns out this is exactly what we needed. I could simply set the time slots I wanted to be available and Google generated me a link that I can send to my clients.

I think it's free for the first one? If I try to add another one then it says I need to pay. But we only need the one for now so it's perfect for what we need.

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